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Purchasing power by capturing and controlling volumes

This is the time of year when many Travel Managers and Indirect Sourcing professionals are busy negotiating hotel programs, car rental agreements and airline agreements. Even though some companies have chosen to distribute the workload throughout the year by setting different agreement terms within the different categories, many hotel and airline contracts are still negotiated for a calendar year at a time.
As commonly known, tracking your volumes and being able to steer booking behavior is the key to purchasing power and beneficial partnerships.
Gathering and documenting volumes may be a challenge if booking channels are not controlled. Reporting gathered from different sources may prove difficult to consolidate due to different metrics and differences in reporting scope.
In a time where we are moving towards multi-portals, and where companies are choosing the best possible booking channel for each individual category, help is on hand. With Hotelzon Online you will have access to unrivaled reporting at your fingertips. By combining an online booking tool and a mobile booking application you will have the best possible prerequisites to capture volumes that are currently beyond reporting and control.
The benefits of capturing volumes are clear. Having more recorded volume results in better control, increased purchasing power, better compliance, as well as increased security when you know where your travelers are.



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