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Dermosil cosmetics


Dermosil Berry Therapy Blackcurrant sauna drops and hand lotion 80 points / order
This set includes sauna drops (10 ml) and a smoothing hand lotion (50 ml) both nice blackcurrant scent.

Dermosil Sea-buckthorn hand soap and hand lotion 110 points / order                                                                                                  This set includes smoothing hand lotion (200 ml) with genuine oil of sea-buckthorn and handsoap with sweet sea- buckthorn scent (325ml).


Dermosil foot salt and foot lotion Shea 115 points / order
A set your feet wil love.Foot salt with peppermint scent (200g) and smoothening foot lotion 100ml. A terrific combination for your feet.

Dermosil Man 120 points / order                                                 Something for the lads. Includes sensitive but effective shampoo and shower gel for your hair & body (200ml) and cleansing foam for your face (150 ml).


Dermosil Cranberry lotion and a shower gel + a Red Orange shower gel 165 points / order
Ladies love this! Set includes moisture-rich body lotion of cranberry scent and two foaming shower gels of two different sweet scents (à 250 ml).


Dermosil Berry Therapy 300 points / order 
This versatile package has everything you need for fabulous skin. Blackcurrant shower gel, sauna drops, hand soap and both hand & body lotion,sea-buckthorn soap, lotion and scrub shower gel.

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