[Product Release] 5 reasons why SMEs should use Hotelzon Quick Online booking tool

Hotel bookings are not rocket science






Where did the Quick Online idea come from?

A few months ago, we were thinking up new ideas for 2013 while going through our client portfolio. Many large corporations are moving their travel purchasing to corporate online booking tools, and this development is continuing. Initially, this usually requires a fair amount of integration work, setting up travel-policies and training the people involved. But once in use, it is by far the most cost-efficient way to make basic transactions, track travellers, gain negotiation power towards hotels and streamline the whole process.

Still, there is a huge amount of smaller companies that do travel but do not have the booking volumes required to negotiate their own hotel and flight rates. These companies do not expect to go through much integration work. They wish to have 24/7 customer support and an account management service. They also want to be able to track their travel costs and make savings where they can. We understand their needs. That’s why we have taken the idea further and developed the Hotelzon's Quick Online system (short name: Quick Online) to enable self-registration. 

What is Quick Online?

Quick Online is a hotel booking tool designed specifically for companies that make ≥3 bookings/year and want to make savings on their business hotel reservations. After registering for Quick Online, users can take full advantage of the best available hotel rates.

How does Quick Online benefit you and your company?

Here are 5 ways that we believe our Quick Online will benefit you and your company.

1. No long-term contract and no integration work.
Are you reluctant to sign a three-year contract in order to have a hotel booking tool installed? Do you prefer not to go through extensive integration work? With Quick Online booking tool, both smaller companies and individuals can now self-register for the Hotelzon community and take advantage of lower business rates at hotels. There is no long-term contract applied. To keep saving hotel costs by using Quick Online, all you have to do is to renew your account every year (a reminder will automatically be sent to you before the one-year usage period ends).
2. Access to a +200 000 hotel inventory worldwide
Thanks to our valuable partnerships with other travel industry providers, Hotelzon now offers access to over 200 000 hotels worldwide, all available online. You can choose the way that suits you best – Quick Online or Customer services are both available at your service 24/7. 
3. User-friendly booking tool
Hotelzon Online is recommended by our partners as a user-friendly hotel booking tool (read more testimonials here). Hotelzon offers a 3-step booking process to help reduce as much time and effort as possible.
4. Booking confirmation via email or text message
When making a booking via Hotelzon, you will receive an instant hotel booking confirmation by email or text message as chosen. You can also sync your booking confirmation with your Outlook or Lotus Notes calendar so that the booking confirmation is always with you. We support eco-friendliness in several ways by offering non printable confirmation methods to our travellers as well as by providing a sustainability service that allows travellers to calculate their planned hotel stay carbon footprint. (read our previous blog about environmental friendliness here.)
5. Reasonable starting price and long-term savings
Last but not least, the price is always worth considering before making a purchase decision. There is a yearly fee of 19.50€ per person when registering for Quick Online. After the registration, you will get full advantage of the hotels’ best available rates, as well as Hotelzon’s negotiated ZON-rates, which are available all around the world. The usage fee can easily be gained back after the first booking.

What's this going to cost me?

Quick Online is available to a yearly usage fee of 19,50€ per user. This fee will easily be gained back after the first booking. You can try out Quick Online for 2 weeks for free! If you are not interested after 2 weeks, contact us and the registration fee will not be charged.

Quick Online is also available: 
This is how we think Quick Online will benefit you. And we also want to know what YOU think about it – please leave your review below.

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