New year 2013 - race for opportunities!

Happy New Year!


As I have the pleasure and honor of writing the first blog entry in 2013, it is natural to start by wishing you all a Happy New Year. You will find this greeting in almost all emails this time of year, and it got me thinking about New Year’s wishes in general. When asked, most people wish that the New Year would be better than the previous one. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the old year was bad in any way, just that things could or should be improved. I cannot recall hearing anyone say that “I actually had a good year, so I’ll be happy if next year is like this one”. I am sure it would be good for many of us to focus on appreciating what we already have instead of looking for ways to increase or improve other things in life.


But for a company, it is clear that our wishes and goals for the New Year should always be to improve, otherwise we will not stay in the race for long. At Hotelzon, we have nothing to complain about in the year that passed; we have been working very hard to successfully deliver what our new and existing customers have asked for. We have renewed our look and feel and we have rolled out our solution for a global travel agency in four countries. And looking at what lies ahead, it seems that we do not need to only rely on wishes for 2013 to become an even better year. There is no lack of opportunities and challenges on our path and if we keep up the hard work, we are sure to come out of this year even stronger.


The financial outlook for 2013 in Europe and North America is not very flattering, and we are sure that this will bring its own challenges to the table, but based on past experience, we don’t feel too worried about this. Companies have already for many years paid close attention to travel costs, and this year will hardly bring any change to that. We are even happy that this trend continues, as we can offer the tools to control hotel spend. We are also looking to increase our hotel offering in 2013 giving our customers more options when booking through Hotelzon. We want to make sure that our customers can find suitable properties and rates to book (with as few clicks as possible) using preferred payment and guarantee methods.


Working with IT, it is almost mandatory to be a bit of a geek, and it gives me the perfect excuse to finish this blog with the very well-known quote from Star Trek “to boldly go where no one has gone before”. Because every new year, or in fact every new day, hour, minute and second, is a step into the future, and as far as we know, this is a place that no one has gone before.


Wishing you all a happy and prosperous year,



P/S: Look for us at Matkamessut in Helsinki on the 17th of January! . Our stand 6BTF46 is located in the Business Travel Forum.


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