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Venues Online - Book a meeting room

Time to change the old way of booking a meeting room

Every day, loads of meetings are arranged: customer meetings, product demos, voice and video conferences, team events, planning and steering meetings and many more. So how do you normally book a meeting room?

The first way is to arrange the meeting in your own premises. However, that is not always the best solution. In many cases, the meeting venue is expected to be in close proximity to your customers/partners, your own premises might be full, or the seating capacity inadequate etc.

The second option is searching for a suitable venue online. But in most cases, you’ll end up getting plenty of search results. Even when finding a suitable venue, you would need to contact the venue by phone or email to check the availability, asking prices and agreeing on the services, meals and amenities provided. The process is quite time-consuming.

Another option is using a web portal that has collected meeting spaces in the same place. After searching, you may quickly notice that the portal normally only offers contact information of the venue provider. The prices and the availability are not shown as this online function is not available. Based on our global benchmarking studies, currently meeting room bookings cannot be done online. Instead, the non-optimal request of offer process is used.

How about a real online service for solving all the above issues? The solution is Venues Online.

What is Venues Online?

Venues Online is a unique, online venue booking tool providing real-time prices and availability. Currently, Hotelzon Venues Online is the only online venue booking tool in Finland where you can compare different meeting rooms, make an online booking and receive instant confirmation emails.

How does Venues Online benefit you and your company?

Here are some ways that we believe our Venues Online will benefit you and your company.

Live 24/7 online availability

• The meeting room facility and self-booking tool where customers can search for, book and cancel their meeting room bookings online is available 24/7.

• Confirmation of the reservation can be received instantly via email, calendar reservations, or text message.

Major time savings

• Powerful search functions, e.g. seating order, location, time and room type.

• No more time spent on requesting offers and waiting for the response.

• See the total cost of the reservation immediately.

Select the most suitable venue

• Easy to compare several venue suppliers´ meeting rooms and prices in one tool.

• See images, venue descriptions and available meeting room equipment.

• There is also possibility to book additional services if offered by the meeting room provider.

Reduce the booking lead time

According to our studies, around 60% of meeting venues are booked at least two weeks before the meeting date when using the request for offers method. As you get an instant confirmation for your booking when using Venues Online, it is possible for you to reduce the lead time and also book meeting spaces at short notice.

Book with your negotiated rates

If your company has negotiated special rates with some of the meeting room providers, the prices can be loaded into the system and you will be able to book a meeting room with your own rates.

What is it going to cost me?

Venues Online is free of charge for all of our corporate customers. Neither booking fee nor service fee is charged. The only fee is the venue renting fee or the meeting package fee charged by the venue provider.

Take a look at Venues Online and make your first meeting room booking. If you want to know more, contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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